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Event to commemorate Governor Hobson

Auckland City Early Heritage Group seeks to revive the tradition of showing respect to the founder of Auckland and father of modern New Zealand, Governor William Hobson. This month marks 177 years since he died of stroke complications in the city he created. Today his remains are buried in Grafton Cemetery.

At least up until 1965 his death anniversary was officially commemorated but the practice seems to have fallen into abeyance.  Auckland City Early Heritage Group wishes to revive this tradition by convening at his grave site on the morning of Saturday, September 14, 2019. We are asked to first meet up at a nearby location at 10 am and walk to the site (total duration of the event approximately 1 hour). If you would like to participate, please email Michael Coote for further details: AucklandEarlyHeritage@gmail.com

To join the conversation with Auckland City Early Heritage Group, please like their social media page here, or search "Auckland City Early Heritage" on Facebook.

Michael Coote writes about Governor Hobson and his place in New Zealand's history at 'Breaking Views'. To read please click HERE

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The indoctrination of our children through fake history

Many of us have grave reservations about the content the new, soon-to-be-compulsory history curriculum. As political commentator Chris Trotter writes in Taking Control Of The Nation’s Story:  “If Maori nationalist historians can seize control of the new, soon-to-be-compulsory, history curriculum, then the necessary ideological preparations can be made for a radical constitutional transformation”. We have a right to expect a fair view of our history that it will be taught in a factual and unbiased manner. However, our hopes are already being dashed - the indoctrination of children through fake history is already being realised. Continue reading

Recommended reading

Navigators and Naturalists – French exploration of New Zealand and the South Seas (1769 - 1824), by Michael Lee. Married and Gone to New Zealand, edited by Alison Drummond. Anyone interested in the truth about NZ history should read these books. Continue reading