Who we are, what we stand for

Democracy Action is a not-for-profit incorporated society established to champion the fundamental importance of democracy and equality of citizenship in New Zealand.

We are a group of concerned citizens based in Auckland, but with members throughout New Zealand, who have seen significant impacts on the democratic governance of our society.

We are committed to supporting organisations and individuals in New Zealand who uphold these aims and principles of equality and democracy in our society.

Democracy Action was formed in Auckland by Susan and Lee Short, but is working across New Zealand on campaigns to promote and protect democracy.

Joining Democracy Action costs only $25 and entitles you to our members only resources and events. Alternatively, you can stay informed and receive our regular updates.

We stand for:

  • a representative democracy, where:

✔ every vote has equal weight, and no unreasonable restrictions can apply to anyone seeking to become a representative

✔ only elected and accountable members on our governing bodies have voting rights

  • resisting the notion that birth or background should entitle anyone to a greater voice in the process of governing

Who is Lee Short?

Lee_Short_April_2011_7_opt.pngLee is a long time owner and director of a successful New Zealand engineering company. He has many years experience in management and business, in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. Lee founded Democracy Action with his wife Susan as a response to recent developments in New Zealand’s governance arrangements which, in his opinion, are compromising the integrity of democracy. Lee is concerned the public have been sidelined - that these changes are being introduced without a democratic mandate from the people of New Zealand. 

Lee can be contacted via our contact page.

“Democracy deserves and needs our support. If citizens fail to act while our democratic rights are being eroded, we are all culpable, along with our leaders.”