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    What the hell is co-governance? An explainer……

    ‘Co-governance’ is an emerging and developing model of decision-making in New Zealand. The term refers to a shared governance arrangement - with representatives of iwi on one side, and representatives of central and/or local government on the other, each side having equal voting rights at the decision-making table. Continue reading

    Warning from Northern Ireland – co-government does not work

    The Northern Ireland governing system established 25 years ago is set up as a power-sharing style of government that relies on the cooperation of different social groups. This arrangement has not delivered the normalised, shared, and de-polarised democracy which was promised by political leaders and pro-consociation theoreticians. It has serious flaws, many of which have become apparent over time. Continue reading

    Human Rights Commission partners with Iwi Chairs’ Forum

    The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is supposedly an independent Crown entity, but this is no longer the case. It appears to be greatly influenced by the National Iwi Chairs’ Forum, a group seeking a profound change to the existing political order. Continue reading

    The thugs’ veto visits Orewa

    Last month, Julian Batchelor of Stop Co-Governance held a public meeting at the Orewa Community Centre to raise awareness of the dangers of co-governance, and to gather political support to stop it. However, a rabble of badly behaved people sparked a noisy counter protest. This was obviously an attempt to sabotage the event to prevent Mr Batchelor from airing his views. Continue reading

    Speak up for universal human rights and against racial discrimination!

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) wants to hear directly from the public about human rights in New Zealand. It is currently hosting public meetings, open to everyone, in eight cities around the country over March, April and May. Continue reading

    Submission on the Natural and Built Environment Bill

    Below is a copy of our written and oral submissions on the Natural and Built Environment Bill and Spatial Planning Bill. Continue reading