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  • Pae Ora – The radical change to our health system

    The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill introduces legislation set to replace our current New Zealand public health system. Make your submission today


    Auckland Council spent $129M on iwi consultation and other targeted Māori spending over the past six years. Read the report here


    New reforms will see water controlled by a small number of multi-regional entities not directly accountable to the public


    Maori wards are just the start to the changes the government is planning for local government


    Check to see if your council is considering one or more Maori wards and make sure you have your say

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    Pae Ora - The radical change to our health system

    The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill introduces legislation set to replace our current New Zealand public health system. This legislation will fundamentally change the structure of our health system. The bill's stated purpose is to provide public funding and provision of health services to protect, promote, and improve the health of all New Zealanders, and achieve health equity by reducing health disparities among New Zealand’s population groups. The objective of achieving health equity among New Zealand’s population groups, in particular for Māori, is the key driver of this new health system. Continue reading

    Power play underway over control of the Hauraki Gulf

    A report seeking legislative change to the composition of the Hauraki Gulf Forum to a full co-governance framework consisting of an equal membership between iwi representatives and ‘others’ is on the agenda for the Forum meeting of Monday 29 November. Members of the Forum will be asked to adopt the report, with agreement sought that it be presented to Ministers for their consideration. Continue reading

    Outrage at power grab - “a dark day for democracy”

    "A deceitful, lying pack of bastards," exclaimed Masterton councillor Tina Nixon on hearing that the government will force councils to hand control of their water assets to four mega water entities, despite the previous promise to Councils that they could choose to opt in or out of the proposed reform programme.  Continue reading

    Future for Local Government Review signals Treaty-based local governance

    Local government is facing a wave of radical changes - such as the overhaul of the three waters sector and the resource management system - that will significantly affect their traditional roles and functions.  Continue reading

    Minister Jackson working to adopt UNDRIP

    The next step in the process to develop a plan for New Zealand to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) was kicked off last month with a targeted engagement strategy aimed at ensuring as many Māori voices as possible get to share their views on what should be included in a Declaration plan. Continue reading

    The corruption of the mainstream media

    Most mainstream news organisations are making hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars a year, off the new Public Interest Journalism Fund. The Public Interest Journalism Fund is a $55m government grant handed out to news media organisations by the Labour government, via NZ On Air.  Continue reading