The road to Cape Reinga still illegally blocked by Ngāti Kuri

“It's my customary rights and I’m prepared to knock you out if you pass that gate,” a person blocking access says in a video filmed by Northland MP Matt King.

Dozens of motorists are being blocked from accessing Cape Reinga by local iwi despite tourism and hospitality in the region trying to encourage visitors to the area. This unlawful activity contravenes several laws, and yet is reportedly supported by the Department of Conservation.

Now NZ First MP Shane Jones has weighed in, calling for Northland Iwi Ngāti Kuri to open up the road immediately saying their reasons for erecting a large gate across State Highway One is 'cultural mumbo jumbo'.

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National MP in confrontation with members of local iwi after being refused access to Cape Reinga
Shane Jones calls iwi's reason for barring access to Cape Reinga 'cultural mumbo jumbo'