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Stewardship land reclassification on the West Coast

Following hard on the heels of calls for submissions on “Streamlining the stewardship land reclassification process”, which closed on March 18, DOC has announced the commencement of a 40 day consultation period allowing for public input into proposed reclassifications of 504 parcels of stewardship land on the West Coast of the South Island. The consultation period runs until 26 July 2022.

We covered the proposed process for the reclassification of stewardship land in our March 2022 newsletter, see more here: https://www.democracyaction.org.nz/there_is_literally_a_huge_amount_at_stake_here

According to Conservation Minister Kiri Allan:

“The West Coast is the first region in Aotearoa New Zealand to go through this process, with the National Panel recommendations including reclassifying approximately 77,000 hectares as National Park, 347,000 hectares as Conservation Park and 182,000 hectares as Historic Reserve.”

The panel has split the West Coast region into seven areas, providing a Landscape Values Report and Management Planning Report for each, as well as detailed Conservation Value Reports and Recommendation Reports for the parcels of land in each area. 

Conservation value reports, of which there are 290, provide a description of the piece of stewardship land, including its size and location. They also have information about the ecological values, recreational values, heritage values, permissions and cultural values and interests of the area. These reports were prepared by DOC technical teams and a Ngāi Tahu Mana Whenua Panel. The purpose of these reports was to support the National and Ngāi Tahu Mana Whenua Panel to prepare their recommendations.

The recommendation reports, of which there are 302, provide the specific details and justification from the National and Ngāi Tahu Mana Whenua Panels for their recommendations. Where the National and Ngāi Tahu Mana Whenua Panels did not agree, the recommendation report contains two different recommendations.

These can all be accessed on the DOC website HERE.


Submissions close at 5 pm on 26 July 2022.

You can take a look at the recommendations and provide feedback using the online tool, email or mail. Information on making a submission can be found HERE.

DOC has advised the stewardship land reclassification process in the South Island will continue over the coming months. Further areas for assessment to be announced in due course.


DOC Media Release, 27 May 2022

DOC: Documents supporting stewardship land reclassification, 27 May 2022

DOC: Help us reclassify stewardship land on the West Coast, 30 May 2022

DOC: Map of proposed reclassifications on the West Coast

Further information

Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand

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