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May 2018

As mentioned in last month’s update, by promoting further co-governance arrangements for Auckland, and requiring the recognition of ‘mana whenua’ as rangatira, the draft Auckland Plan undermines the fundamental principles of democracy.

This month, as an example of such ‘Treaty partnership’ arrangements, we take a look at the Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority co-governance entity, to see how this is working for the citizens of Auckland.

Many Aucklanders are unhappy about the actions of the Maunga Authority. The people of Devonport-Takapuna have taken exception to the Authority’s “authoritarian manner”, and have organised a petition, to provide a gauge of public opinion for the Authority. Please consider signing – the link is available in the newsletter below.

The freedom to express an opinion is a basic, fundamental principle of democracy, and yet the Nelson City Council has decided to cancel a talk by Bruce Moon, who was invited by the Nelson Institute to speak. Mr Moon chose to present on the fake history of New Zealand, focusing on the Treaty of Waitangi, its interpretation and its implementation. The reasons given for the cancellation of the talk were that not only was it deemed a threat to health and safety, but also because a balanced discussion couldn't be held at the venue.

However, such a distinction is not required if you wish to peddle ‘the Treaty is a partnership, and the Chiefs did not cede sovereignty’ view to 20 schools, as Vincent O’Malley is doing so - funded by the Government through the Wars and Conflicts in New Zealand Fund. See below for details.

Other issues covered in this newsletter, with suggested actions you can take, include:

  • The Local Government NZ campaign to abolish the poll provision
  • The Iwi Chairs’ Forum influence on LGNZ
  • Update on claims under the marine and coastal area act

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Democracy Under Threat

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The Auckland Plan Subverts Democracy

Members of the Democracy Action working group have been very busy alerting community groups and others to passages in the Auckland Plan 2050 that undermine the fundamental principles of democracy. (Auckland Plan 2050 is Auckland Council’s long term spatial plan for Auckland). Continue reading

LGNZ's Campaign to Abolish the Poll Provision

Local Government NZ (LGNZ) is campaigning vigorously to abolish the sections the Local Electoral Act 2001 which relate to the rules for binding citizens initiated polls concerning the establishment of Maori wards. The members of National Council of LGNZ want its members to be able to impose Maori wards unchecked - thereby depriving members of local communities of an individual democratic right expressly written into law. For a comprehensive and well researched essay on this issue, please click HERE. This essay, authored by Michael Coote - a freelance writer and financial journalist - was published on the NZCPR website on 22nd April. Michael explains what LGNZ is seeking, and the reasons why. Continue reading

Update On Claims Under The Marine And Coastal Area Act

Case management conferences have now been scheduled for the priority cases and their overlapping claims. These will take place between 28th May and 27th June, in 10 locations throughout the country - from Whangarei to Dunedin. These hearings are only for claimants and their counsel. Continue reading

Truth, Fairness and Democracy Under Threat

Increasingly New Zealanders are being denied access to avenues to express their opinions - unless one subscribes to the view that the Treaty is a partnership, and the chiefs who signed did not cede sovereignty. Bruce Moon is the latest to be censored. Mr Moon was invited by the Nelson Institute to speak and he chose to present on what he calls the fake history of New Zealand, focusing on the Treaty of Waitangi, its interpretation and its implementation. But, at the 11th hour his speech was cancelled, Nelson Library stating concerns about "health and safety":  Continue reading