Site of the week 2

ID#3172, Waiuku

The mana whenua provisions don’t just affect sites in downtown Auckland.

One of our eagle-eyed volunteers has tracked down ID#3172, which is right in the middle of a new housing development.

Our volunteer documents: 

“The GPS coordinates lead me to a site that is on a fairly new sub-division (private land). It is within maybe 5m of a section that already has a new house on it, along with a number of long term existing houses. The section the site is on has no building activity on it yet. There has been some reshaping of the land as part of the sub-division work. There were no plaques, monuments or cultural artifacts nearby.”

Given that Bob Jones needed to consult 13 iwi just to replace a window, we can only imagine the lengths these property owners will have to go to.

Do you know of any other housing developments affected or delayed by the presence of a site of significance to mana whenua? Email us what you know.