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June 2023

Here we are, just four months out from the election, and the government still insists on plying the country with its democracy destroying co-governance agenda. Despite Chris Hipkins signaling a reset of government policy when he became Prime Minister - including a co-governance slowdown - every piece of legislation, every policy emanating from this government embeds further the concept of a partnership between the Crown and Māori. This even extends to New Zealand’s space policy. (No, the sky is not the limit as far as this ideology is concerned!). The partnership obligation the government is signing us up to includes the intention to integrate mātauranga Māori into modern space exploration and the strategy that guides it. This peculiar policy has not gone unnoticed by the scientific community overseas.

Another report that has us collectively scratching our heads in disbelief has recently come to our attention - and that is Maranga Mai! The dynamics and impacts of white supremacy, racism, and colonisation on tangata whenua in Aotearoa New Zealand. This document, proudly published by the Human Rights Commission, makes the preposterous claim that the elimination of racism will not occur without establishing race-based constitutional change and co-governance with Māori.

We know we really have joined Alice down the rabbit hole when the Human Rights and the Race Relations Commissioners are happy to promote the idea that to eliminate racism, we just need to set up a racist political system! Maybe ACT leader David Seymour has a point when he said in a recent press statement: “The Commission is no longer interested in helping real people with actual human rights issues, but simply advancing a left-wing agenda.” He goes on to say: “ACT sees no purpose for it and would abolish it completely.”


Lately, we have received a flurry of notifications from the High Court regarding case management conferences being held over the month of June in relation to claims made under the Marine and Coastal Area Act. With so much going on, it’s easy to miss progress on these claims – especially as this is largely taking place out of the public eye - even more so those claims where recognition agreements are being negotiated with the Crown behind closed doors.

As we keep coming across people who have no idea about this issue, nor its serious implications for the country, we have put together a brief update on where things are at. Please see below: UPDATE ON MARINE COASTAL AREA CLAIMS UNDER MACAA

Interim report on NZ’s electoral system open for comment

The review panel looking into the country's electoral system is calling for public feedback on its interim report. The panel proposes a raft of changes to NZ's electoral system including votes for 16-year-olds, making it easier for small parties to get into Parliament & stricter donations rules. After this round of public consultation, the final copy will be presented to the government at the end of November. You can find out more about this at FEEDBACK SOUGHT ON REVIEW OF PARLIAMENTARY ELECTORAL SYSTEM. We have until July 17 to have a say.

More on our electoral system…

The local body election process is also currently being investigated by the government. Widespread reports of people not receiving their voting packs in time for the local government election and several other irregularities point to the need to change how local government elections are held. You can read more on this at: IS POSTAL VOTING UP TO SCRATCH?

Campaign updates from friends in the fight to protect equal rights and democratic values

RMA replacement legislation

After the success of the Stop Three Waters roadshow last year, the Taxpayers’ Union has hit the road once again for a four-week, nationwide roadshow to hear and highlight the concerns of citizens and councils threatened by the Government’s proposed replacement to the Resource Management Act. Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Callum Purves, said: “Not content with seizing water assets from local communities, the Government is now proposing to grab planning powers from local councils and transfer them to fifteen unaccountable, undemocratic, so-called Regional Planning Committees”. You can read more reasons for concern on the Taxpayers’ Union website HERE


The itinerary will see Taxpayers’ Union team members visiting 30 local centres from Invercargill to Whāngarei. The full itinerary can be viewed here. You are invited to come and say hi to the team and pick up a stack of petition pamphlets to deliver to friends and neighbours. The Hands off our Homes petition can be signed at: https://www.handsoffourhomes.nz/

Stop co-governance

The tour of NZ by Julian Batchelor of STOP CO-GOVERNANCE continues apace - currently visiting centres in the South Island. The purpose of this tour is to raise awareness of the danger of co-governance, and to gather political support to stop it. Click HERE for a link to the provisional itinerary. 

If you would like to offer your help, email Julian at [email protected]

Or phone 0274764430.

Julian urges us to order copies of his book ‘Co-Governance - What it is, why it’s wrong, and why it must be stopped’ to give to the neighbours on your street, and to friends and family. Click HERE  to order, and click HERE to read it online.

You can listen to Paul Brennan of Reality Check Radio interviewing Julian by clicking HERE

Push back. Say no!

The Taxpayers’ Union and Stop Co-governance are two examples the push back against policies that threaten equality and the right to choose those who govern us and make decisions on our behalf. We too can push back by becoming active. Suggested actions we can take include: offering our support to groups and individuals who speak up, contacting our MPs, writing letters to editors, commenting on social media, making submissions, organising petitions, and continue challenging those who re-interpret history to suit political aims - especially the erroneous notion that the Treaty formed a political partnership between Māori and the Crown. (If you need help in putting your case, I recommend reading ‘The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy’ by Dr John Robinson. This is available from Tross Publishing).

Thank you for your continued interest and support. If you have any suggestions you would like to offer, or if you need further information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Proponents of the campaign to embed separate race-based systems at all levels of government in New Zealand  - whereby tangata whenua govern themselves and the Crown govern the others - as suggested in the Matike Mai and He Puapua reports - came one step closer to realising their goal by having the Crown entity The NZ Human Rights Commission state that it is proud to publish a report which makes the preposterous claim that that the elimination of racism will not occur without promoting race-based constitutional change and co-governance with Māori.  Continue reading


With so much going on, it’s easy to miss the progress of the claims made under the Marine and Coastal Area Act (Takutai Moana) 2011. But progressing they are. Currently case management conferences are being held in different parts of the country for those who have applied for recognition of customary marine title and rights via the High Court option.  Continue reading


The Electoral Review panel has released its interim report with draft recommendations on proposed changes to our parliamentary electoral system. Continue reading


The integrity of our electoral system is critical to upholding our democratic system. However, the 2022 election exposed serious issues about the way we conduct local body elections. Continue reading

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