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July 2023

There are only 100 days until the election on 14 October.

I believe this is one of the most crucial elections New Zealand has ever faced. We are at a crossroads - we have a chance to choose better than a government that continues to ram through significant constitutional changes without our consent - changes that are resulting in the undermining of our democracy and our right to be treated as equal citizens.

It is time we collectively say enough is enough! 

This is no time to watch from the sidelines - now is the time to act! Please get behind your chosen political party. Volunteer where you can, and/or donate to their campaign fund. Help make a difference. 

One of the (hopefully) parting shots from this government is their determination to inflict on us before the upcoming election their highly flawed resource management legislation. The NZ Taxpayer’s Union has completed its tour of the country to raise awareness of this legislation, which will lead to a loss of local control, more co-governance, more red tape, higher building costs - and very likely years of litigation to clarify the subjective nature of many of the provisions. Some of the arguments as to why this legislation is so flawed were made by Mark Hooper of Federated Farmers, Jordan Williams of the NZ Taxpayers' Union, and Nobby Clark the Mayor of Invercargill, at the Invercargill roadshow event. Click HERE for the link to the video recording of the presentation.

You can read more about this issue, with suggestions on how you can help raise public awareness, at FULL STEAM AHEAD ON RMA REPLACEMENT LEGISLATION below.

It is important to speak up – our silence is taken as consent!

Here are some ways to have a say on other significant issues. Public feedback is sought on:

  • The recommendations made by the Electoral Review panel, on which public feedback must be made by 17 July. These recommendations incorporate sweeping changes, including several radical proposals. For more information see below 'BIG CHANGES PROPOSED TO OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM'
  • The Safer Online Services and Media Platforms discussion document. Jonathan Ayling of the Free Speech Union calls the proposed new media regulation plan “a censor’s greatest dream.” We have until Monday July 31 to submit. See more below at ‘POWERFUL REGULATOR PROPOSED FOR ONLINE SERVICES, SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.’
  • The Government’s draft national report on the state of human rights in New Zealand for the United Nation’s Universal Periodic Review. (See our April newsletter SPEAK UP FOR UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND AGAINST RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!) This report is open for public feedback. The consultation period will close at 11:59pm on 30 July 2023. You can send your feedback to [email protected]. Either include your thoughts in the body of an email, or as an attachment in word or pdf.
  • And one specifically for Auckland City residents: have your say on how and where Auckland should grow and change. Consultation has been extended until 31 July 2023. See the draft strategy plan by clicking HERE.

Last but not least, I recommend you take a look at the collection of thought-provoking opinions and commentaries on the last page. They are all well worth reading.


Thank you for your continued interest and support. If you have any suggestions you would like to offer, or if you need further information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Kind regards,

Susan Short

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Big changes proposed to our electoral system

Over the past year, the government-appointed Electoral Review Panel has been looking at our general election laws and procedures “to find out what is working well and what could change”. The Panel has formed an initial view and would like to hear what we think before finalising their report for the Minister of Justice.  We have until July 17 to have our say. Continue reading

Powerful regulator proposed for online services, social media platforms

Consultation is now open on a proposed approach to regulating online services and media platforms in New Zealand. You can read more about the background to this work on the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) website HERE, which includes links to the discussion document and supporting information. Continue reading

Full steam ahead on RMA replacement legislation

After reviewing more than 3,000 submissions, the Environment Select Committee has reported back to Parliament (27 June) on the Natural and Built Environment and Spatial Planning Bills.   Despite the hundreds of amendments to the bills, the report does nothing to alleviate our concerns. The proposed legislation continues to enshrine inequitable rights based on race; reduces democratic accountability; diminishes local voices; and increases uncertainty.  You can read our original article that lays out our concerns here. Continue reading

FYI – further news, views, opinions………

Welcome to our compilation of the latest news, perspectives, and thought-provoking opinions. Continue reading