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The Doctrine of Discovery in New Zealand: A Fresh Historical Conspiracy-Theory - PAUL MOON

The persistent assertion that the Doctrine of Discovery applied to New Zealand’s colonisation is falsifiable on numerous evidentiary bases, and betrays among its advocates an extraordinarily uncritical and impoverished understanding of history.


'We've been played'. Locals' fury as 'jewel in the crown' marine reserve stalled - STUFF

Mike Lee, Chair of conservation group Friends of Hauraki Gulf and Waitematā and Gulf Islands councillor, says “We have been played. Giving effect to Treaty principles is not meant to be a veto, however, I have come to the conclusion that DOC has got into the habit of using the Treaty as a pretext for bureaucratic procrastination, and inefficiency.”


A Betrayal of Trust - NZCPR

When Labour took Office in 2017, equality of citizenship and the Rule of Law were constitutional cornerstones of New Zealand democracy. Now, five and a half years later, New Zealand is no longer a society of equals.


While people focus on the election radical change is happening without voter awareness - PETER WINSLEY 

Democracy requires free, fair and regular elections based on one person, one vote, and all votes are of equal value.  It requires freedom of speech, open Government, a critical media, and the rule of law.  It assumes human universality and therefore equal citizenship rights.  It requires a secular Parliament and other Government institutions.

That is the way democracy is supposed to work in New Zealand.  However, the reality is that radical change is now occurring with little scrutiny…….


Wayne Ryburn: Article 1 Exposing History Curriculum Myths - BREAKING VIEWS

The first in a series of eight articles exposing some of the myths about New Zealand's history, now being taught to secondary school students. 


Licence to indoctrinate - KARL DU FRESNE

Communications and media studies faculties are infested by zealots and activists, many of them espousing ideas that are inimical to liberal democratic values such as free speech. They are entitled to hold those views, but not to use their taxpayer-funded academic sinecures to promote them.


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