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Has objectivity flown out the window at Radio NZ?

Remember when Radio NZ News used to be concerned with the facts, presented in a relatively balanced and impartial way? Well, it appears not any more. In last month’s update we touched on the vexed issue of our public-service radio broadcaster happily accepting claims based on oral history as fact while choosing to ignore documented eye witness accounts of history - a modus operandi becoming increasingly common as it promotes a new history of ‘Aotearoa’ in various programmes.

In an opinion piece published by Newsroom, Professor Elizabeth Rata of Auckland University warns of the dangers of subverting knowledge and reason and replacing these values with ideological isms that draw on the culture of folk knowledges to justify their claims to truth. Professor Rata writes:

 “We have, in only a few hundred years, developed a new language of reason, one replacing in-group beliefs, one enabling us to communicate across historical and cultural differences, one which has made democracy possible”. 


“By abandoning reason we are endangering our future as a species. We are certainly abandoning what makes democracy possible”.

She adds that the current era of enlightened reason may well be over unless we recognise what is happening. Please read Professor Rata’s commentary ‘Abandoning reason endangers our survival’ by clicking HERE

A Call to Action: Whenever you hear false history being promoted, please take the time to send a letter of complaint. Concerning Radio NZ, send your complaints to:

  • the journalist concerned
  • the CEO and editor-in-chief, Paul Thompson – email: [email protected]
  • the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, Kris Faafoi – email [email protected]

In an opinion piece by Mr Thompson published on the RNZ website in 2016, he wrote that RNZ is open to constructive criticism about performance - they don't have all the answers and will listen to and work with anyone who can help them do a better job for New Zealanders. Mr Thompson needs to be reminded that our state broadcaster has obligations to ALL New Zealanders, and must present content in a fair and balanced way.

Recommended Reading

Much of the false information currently being promoted as the truth concerns our history, particularly in relation to the NZ wars of the mid-1800s. There appears to be a many in the community who have very little knowledge of this war, its causes and how it played out.

Dr John Robinson set out to put the record straight in his book ‘The Kingite Rebellion’, published in 2016. It is highly recommended and should be required reading for all New Zealanders. A copy can be ordered from Tross Publishing.



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