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Update on complaints re ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ series

There has been a disappointing response from the Race Relations Commissioner in relation to complaints made by members of the public about the a seven-part series published by the NZ Herald - “Land of the Long White Cloud – confronting NZ’s colonial past”. The commission has turned a blind eye to the series’ negative effect on race relations, instead lamely suggesting the correspondent contact the Media Council, or complain to the independent Human Rights Review Tribunal. Please see below a typical response received by a member of the public:

As the Human Rights Commission’s stated intention is to promote positive race relations, the Justice Minister Andrew Little needs to hear about this less than satisfactory response. If you received one such letter, please contact Minister Little at: [email protected]

NZ On Air was the principal sponsor of this series, backing it with $140,000 of taxpayer funds. Why they felt moved to do so deserves an answer - we have every right to demand an explanation. Send your questions the Chief Executive of NZ On Air, Jane Wrightson, and the Acting Head of Funding, Benedict Reid.  Contact details are available HERE. Please click HERE for a list of the NZ on Air board members.

More taxpayer funds being used to foster hatred and division:

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if settlers and now Pākehā could own [our history], and say ‘You know what? We stole this land. We stole the land where my house is sitting on. We stole these resources - these rivers, lakes, oceans

So says Arini Loader, Victoria University of Wellington history lecturer, in ‘Restoring the Imbalance of Maori Perspectives in Aotearoa’s History’. This is an excerpt from one of over 20 episodes of ‘Rediscovering Aotearoa – a decolonisation series, which is sponsored by the taxpayer through Radio NZ. They are available at news blog ‘Re:’ To view please click HERE. (‘Re’ promotes itself as NZ’s alternate news voice).

It would be interesting to know why Radio NZ believes sponsoring this series is “a fair and appropriate use of public funds”. To find out, send a ‘please explain’ letter to the CEO and editor-in-chief, Paul Thompson – email: [email protected]

You could also contact the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media to voice your concern: Minister Kris Faafoi – email [email protected]

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