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The days of ‘she'll be right’ are over

We have been very fortunate successive governments have faithfully upheld policies to protect our democracy as sacrosanct. That is, up until recently. Sadly, we are now on a downward spiral towards two standards of citizenship, with different rights depending on our ancestry.  

This being so, please let’s do all we can to remind the political parties and candidates that democracy and equal rights are essential to a free and just society.

Actions we can take to make our democracy front and centre during the election campaign. Let the candidates know what we want!

  1. Attend as many candidate meetings as you can. Ask direct questions.
  2. Find out your candidates’ stances on issues important to you.
  3. Email the candidates in your electorate. Tell them your significant issues and your bottom line. If you disagree with their policies, let them know why you will not be voting for them or their party.
  4. Write to the editor of your local paper to express your thoughts. See Hobson’s Pledge page Take Action: Election 2023 for email addresses.
  5. Reach out to friends and family and make sure they are up to date with what is going on. 
  6. Send a message to your friends, urging them to vote for parties that support democracy and oppose co-governance. 
  7. Check out the Hobson’s Pledge website for further tips on actions you can take: Take action: Election 2023
  8. Last but not certainly least - VOTE FOR CHANGE!

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