PAUP meeting coverage

Our meeting was a huge success. Over 230 Aucklanders  came to hear our guest speakers, share their views and put the hard questions to the Council’s representatives.

We received favourable coverage from One News, which included some insightful comments from a representative of Ngati Whatua. To view the video on demand click here (or the image below).

Screenshot One News

After posing questions to the Council representatives and receiving platitudes in return, Democracy Action voted in overwhelming favour to the follow three resolutions:

  1. That the Government pass legislation to end Mana Whenua provisions and restore the proper application of the existing law, in particular the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014.
  2. That Auckland Council suspend the application of the Mana Whenua provisions
  3. That Council undertake to vary the Plan by removing the requirement for cultural impact assessments, 3,6000 sites and places of value to Mana Whenua and other provisions not properly approved by Councillors.

Right now we’re planning our next stage of the campaign to defeat the Council’s undemocratic plans – we’ll keep you in the loop.

Thanks again to those who attended the meeting and ensured it was a great success.