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Join The Fight To Retain Our Petition Right

From  15 to 17 July, local body politicians from around the country will be meeting at the Local Government NZ (LGNZ) conference in Christchurch.  Given that the president of LGNZ, Dave Cull, is vigorously campaigning to remove those sections of the Local Electoral Act 2001 that allow for polls on whether or not a local body can establish Māori wards, no doubt this matter will be discussed.  It is highly likely Mayor Cull will be seeking a mandate to take to government the recommendation that the poll provision be abolished.

Yes, LGNZ wants to deny citizens one of the rare opportunities we have to influence the direction the politicians are taking our country.

It is important to let LGNZ and local body politicians know that there are people who very much care about our democratic right to have the final say on Maori wards.  Can you please write a quick message to the members of the LGNZ national council, and mayors and councillors, to ask them to do everything they can to protect this right? Make it personal, tell them what this right means to you.

Contact details:

• Members of the Local Government NZ National Council, available HERE.

• Local body councillors are available HERE.

For background information, with reasoned arguments against the abolition of the poll provision, please refer to:


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