John Robinson: Our Choice For The Future: Equality Or Tribal Rule

John Robinson is a research scientist with two masters degrees (mathematics, physics) from the University of Auckland and a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The focus of his work has been the longterm development of human society situation of Maori in New Zealand. on a finite planet (futures research) and the late 20th century social Familiarity with the lack of honesty in the Treaty process resulted in a deepening concern over the increase of racebased division. A first report on what was happening was in “The corruption of New Zealand democracy, a Treaty industry overview” (2011).

This was followed by a series of books on New Zealand history (with Tross Publishing), correcting the false revisionist picture developed by the Wai tangi Tribunal and the Treaty industry. A description of the extent of the apartheid system being developed, as described in “He Puapua: Blueprint for breaking up New Zealand” (2021), led to the recognition that a coup is in progress to destroy our way o f life, an insistence on the kotahitanga of 19th century rebellions by a few iwi, with separate government, laws and rights. New Zealand must turn away from that inherited status, to return to equality and to remove any mention of racial separation in la w and social systems. It is time for determined, decisive action. Those ideas are set down in “Regaining a nation: equality and democracy” (2022) and in this document. We must once again live together as one people: equal in a united and democratic sovereign nation where all belong, none as second-class citizens. This is our land, for all of us.

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