- Expert Group Proposes Increased Dependency

One wonders how the great majority of New Zealanders will accept the attempt by Maori activists, who have penetrated high government circles, to cement their supremacist ideology into the Social Security Act. Look at this disturbing analysis of one of the Coalition Government’s ‘expert’ advisory groups …

… ‘Of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group’s other recommendations, seven out of the first ten are race-based. Essentially the Group wants to see the Maori world view embedded into the welfare system, with the first recommendation stating that the Social Security Act should be amended to reflect that “The purpose of the welfare system is to whakamana tāngata…”

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By taking an elitist approach and including race-based terms in their recommendations, the expert panel will have been aware that they would be alienating the vast majority of New Zealanders from properly understanding what their proposed welfare changes entail.

Furthermore, they appear to be attempting to cement into the Social Security Act Maori supremacist ideology by recommending legal amendments that would make the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development accountable to iwi. ‘…

‘The Group’s chairman is Professor Cindy Kiro, a Maori Pro Vice-Chancellor at Auckland University and former Children’s Commissioner under Helen Clark’s Labour Government, who should be only too well aware of the risks to children from intergenerational benefit dependency. …’